He was beginning to grow used to that unmistakable whirr of the TARDIS’s… whatever they were, and it was that sound that drew the hunter out of the motel room, a blur of blue catching his eye by the sidewalk before the police box materialized into view. He squinted from the sun and shut the door behind him, making his way across the lot—there was no one around, and no one seemed to be alarmed by the TARDIS suddenly dropping in out of no where… was it really that unnoticeable? “Doc—!” he called out, rapping his knuckles against the door. “Open up!”

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    The Doctor laughed shaking his head. “A tiger? But those are no fun, no fun at all! least with badgers you can watch...
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    The hunter snorted softly and slipped his hands into the pockets of his jeans, watching the three wriggle off before...