The Impala’s Trunk

[Under construction.]

Colt 1911 A1 .45 caliber, standard with a 7-round magazine capacity, semi-automatic:
Dean’s second baby, after the Impala of course, and as a semi-auto, it can be loaded with a full magazine, plus another in the chamber. It’s set with ivory and decorative engravings.

Taurus Model 92 9mm, standard with a 10-round magazine:
Occasionally used by Dean back in his younger days, though the  gun is not predominantly carried and used by Sam. Stainless steel with mother-of-pearl grips and easy to conceal.

Sammy’s Shotgun:
Sawed-off, double-barreled, possibly a cut down goose gun, origins otherwise unknown.

Flare guns:
Self-explanatory, seen in Wendigo to burn some bitches.

Seen in Faith, usually firing 50,000 volts, amped up to 100,000 volts for the episode.

10-inch Bowie style hunting knife:
The one that Dean keeps under his pillow while he sleeps.